Have you been wanting to learn about fertility nutrition but don't know where to start?

This program will offer you the chance to get all your questions answered and more!

Are you getting an influx of clients struggling with infertility but you feel unequipped to support them?

Are you struggling in finding information online or in textbooks to have the answers you are looking for?

Fertility nutrition is unfortunately not a subjet taught during university studies. It's an emerging and an evolving field. Therefore, It's not evident to feel equipped to help fertility clients.

This program offers you evidence-based strategies that will allow you to save multiple hours of research and guessing. In 10 weeks, you will feel ready and confident in your practice to help fertility clients. You will reap the reward every time a client announces a positive pregnancy test and thanks you for your help!

1 in 6 couples struggle with infertility and they need your support!

Unfortunately, it is a growing problem as statistics clearly show that infertility rates are on the rise.

Health professionals with an expertise in fertility are needed more than ever! Research shows that nutrition and lifestyle factors in the months before conception can significantly increase fertility and improve the success rate of assisted reproduction techniques and this is WHY this program was developed!

After completing the program, you will have the clinical and counseling skills to support fertility clients and help them achieve their dream of having a baby and starting a family.

This course is for you if:

  • You are a registered dietitian with an interest in niching down in fertility nutrition or simply you want to learn more about the subject to better support your clients

  • You are getting requests from clients to help them on their fertility journey but you feel unequipped to support them as you can't find the proper information or training

  • You are seeing fertility clients and would like to offer better care and feel confident in guiding them

Invest in your career growth

The nutrition management of infertility program will summarize all the latest scientific literature on nutrition and fertility.

You will get practical strategies you can immediately use with your clients to help them improve their chances of having a baby.

It will save you long hours of research that will probably leave you with questions left unanswered.

After completing the program, you will be able with confidence to offer your clients evidence-based strategies to help optimize their fertility.

The program not only will provide you with the expertise and know-how you need to support fertility clients, but it will also help you connect with them and understand their struggles. This last part is key to nurture the relationship with your clients and earn their trust so you can support them with their objectives long term.

If you want to expand your knowledge and expertise and work with motivated clients then you are in the right place!

Learn both clinical and soft skills!

What makes this course unique is that you will gain not only the clinical and practical skills you need to help your clients, but also you will acquire the soft skills to better support them!

You didn't learn anything about fertility nutrition in school and you won't find the information in this program in any textbook

This program is the result of numerous hours of research, readings, and years of experience both personal and professional in the fertility world

Program curriculum

Module 1infertility 101

  • Introduction to infertility, facts and causes 
  • Infertility roadmap for couples so you understand the process when followed by a fertility clinic
  • Fertility test/ treatments/drugs so you can understand the discussions with your clients
  • Knowing the language when to fertility treatments 
  • Type of client you will see in your practice

Module 2: weight impact on fertility

  • Obesity impact on female fertility
  • Weight loss interventions 
  • Low BMI impact on female fertility 
  • Obesity impact on male infertility

Module 3nutrition and female infertility part 1

  • Factors that affect female fertility
  • The process of egg production and how to optimize egg quality
  • Dietary factors affecting ovulation

Module 4nutrition and female infertility part 2

  • Nutrition therapy for PCOS and endometriosis 
  • Supplements to support female fertility

Module 5: miscarriage and recurrent implantation failure 

  • Recurrent implantation failure risk factors and nutrition strategies 
  • Miscarriage risk factors, causes and nutrition strategies

Module 6nutrition and male infertility 

  • Causes of male infertility 
  • Oxidative stress impact on male fertility
  • Lifestyle habits and sperm health
  • Nutrients, diet and male fertility 
  • Supplements used for male fertility

Module 7: unexpected obstacles to fertility

  • Nutrient deficiencies that can have an impact on fertility
  • Celiac disease impact on fertility
  • Endocrine disruptors 

Bonus material

Because the more we learn the better!

  • 3 Guest speaker sessions

    3 guest speaker sessions that address endocrine disruptors, fibroids and alternative care for fertility such as osteopathy,

  • Prenatal Guide

    Get a 15 page document that highlight what to look for in a prenatal, prenatal comparison table and some common preconception/fertility supplements. Value of $100!

Meet your instructor

Hey there! Let me introduce myself so you get to know me more :)

I am a registered dietitian for over 15 years, and I am the founder of a virtual bilingual private practice in Montreal, Quebec that focuses on women's health and fertility. My success with my clients stems from the fact that not only I have this expertise, but I was a fertility patient myself.

When dealing with infertility, there is a lot of unknowns and a lot of factors that can't be controlled. Nutrition and lifestyle changes are easily controlled, and they can optimize fertility.

There are lots of couples that need support, and we need more health care professionals that have expertise in this field to offer better care for these couples. This is the reason why this program was built.

The fact is infertility is a global problem and it's on the rise. The demand for help is high!

I am hoping that by teaching what I learned over the years as well as sharing the patient's view, more couples will have access to better care, and support and more professionals will feel confident enough to offer their services for fertility patients.

Included in the program

  • 2 live Q/A

    There will be a total of 2 Q/A sessions, one halfway and another one at the end, to answer your questions and support you as you learn. If you can't attend the live sessions, you can pre-submit your questions in advance and listen to the replay conveniently within your own practice schedule.

  • Real life case study

    You will have access to the recording of 1 full session of case study to help implement the learning into your practice. This part will allow you to see the reality of working with fertility clients and master how to design your nutrition plan.

  • Support material

    Every module will have supporting materials to get the most out of the latest evidence based research. You will have a printed copy of the teaching material, suggested readings, link to scientific articles and videos to support your learning.

  • A certificate of completion

    After completing the program, you will get a certificate of completion that you can use for your records and for continuing education credits. You could get 10 CEUs

As one participant once told me I fell in love with this subject! There is so much we can do to help

Ready to start making a difference and helping fertility patients?

So will this program meet my objectives?

Here is a glimpse of the feedback from health professionals who previously followed the program

Caitlyn Mcneill, RD

''As someone who is new to the fertility world, I found this course to be extremely valuable and informative. Celine has extensive knowledge in this area and the sessions were well thought-out, with studies and links included for us to read. She also included helpful tips and suggestions for counselling this special group of individuals as they can be stressed out, emotional, and overwhelmed. But the case studies were my favourite part, since they were based off real people and gave a sense of what working with fertility clients is like. I can't recommend this course enough!!''

Houda Hatem, RD

''By registering for the Nutrition and Fertility training, I realized how much I knew very little about this subject. I discovered a colleague who masters her subject very well not only by her experience as well as by the extensive research which is reflected in the Power points of her presentations. She did all the work for us! Céline deconstructed the myths, put the emphasis on the important points / key points and approached the current topics (weight gain, fertility of the man, supplements, etc.). I felt confident to help my clients afterwards. I found the presentations very well explained, clear and relevant to practice. Not only, she enlightened me to better advise my clients but also to better understand them in their infertility struggles (; stages, priorities, multi-team, vocabulary, etc.). Thanks to her training, I am more informed, confident and empathetic. I also loved the case studies Céline prepared to apply our learnings and use our critical thinking. She was also available for questions. By taking this training, I invested my time well in helping my clients in an efficient and humane manner that is recognized and based on literature and experience.''

Valerie Durand, RD

"The Nutrition & Infertility course built and offered by Celine is very thorough and complete. It does not only contain evidence-based information, but Celine also includes readings, case-studies and created a private Facebook group where participants can ask questions, share personal cases & articles. We can feel that Celine put a lot of effort in creating this amazing learning experience. Not to mention how great it is to finally have more knowledge, not only in women's health, but also in fertility in general. It is a much needed specialty, and Celine has extensive knowledge as well as professional and personal experience in this field. She is definitely an expert, and I encourage anyone interested in fertility to register to her course. You will learn from the best!"

Melinda Lamarche RD

''I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for such a great course! I learned so much. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to attend any of the Q and A sessions but watching the videos was very helpful and informative. Its a really wonderful course!''

Claudia Béland, Nurse and Osteopath

''I took the first edition of the nutrition and fertility class. I got to learn a lot from it. A lot of studies were shared to support the content. As a professional in woman’s health, this course gave me more knowledge to help my clients. ''

Angela Bouwmeester, RD

''The Nutrition Management for Fertility course is amazing! I learned a lot of new and relevant information related to infertility. Celine does a great job explaining difficult concepts and is easy to reach if questions arise. The course is well laid out and easy to navigate through. I highly recommend this course to anyone considering pursuing a career in nutrition and fertility or to those who feel they need to brush up on their knowledge in this topic area. ''

Audrey Couture, RD

''The Nutrition management of infertility course is very enriching and relevant for dietitians who wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of fertility. It covers a wide range of topics, including the different factors influencing fertility, the causes of infertility and its treatment. The training allows for a more in-depth look at the nutritional recommendations surrounding the field of fertility (men and women) as well as women's health. The modules are presented in a logical manner so that learning is gradual and coherent. It includes recent and in-depth literature on various topics related to fertility, hormonal health, supplements and nutritional recommendations relevant to the issue at hand. The training allows us to develop in-depth knowledge in order to be able to manage clients/patients who wish to optimize their fertility and/or manage certain symptoms through their diet and lifestyle. The case studies proposed represent the reality of the field and allow us to put theory into practice, which is essential as a nutritionist! Furthermore, Celine takes the time to answer questions and shares many practical tools and advice. With this training in hand, I definitely feel better equipped and more comfortable to advise this clientele!''

Michele Rousseau , RD

''I became interested in nutrition for fertility while trying to get pregnant myself. Being a dietitian, I did lots of research on what to eat to help me achieve that goal. This is what drove my interest in nutrition for fertility. I came across Celine’s course “Nutrition management of infertility” for health professionals and though it was the perfect opportunity to take my knowledge to a new level. I was not disappointed! the course goes through all the basics of fertility problems and treatments before going over male and female nutrition, supplements and lifestyle changes that can boost one’s chances to conceive. I leave this course with a broad knowledge of the fertility world that goes outside just food and have in my back pocket tips and tricks for my future clients. I now feel confidant on my next step: counselling men and women to help them build their family ''

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5 star rating

Amazing learning

Audrey Genest

What a wonderful 10 weeks. Lots of learning through videos, readings and live interactions between the teacher and her students. Céline teaches us not only a...

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What a wonderful 10 weeks. Lots of learning through videos, readings and live interactions between the teacher and her students. Céline teaches us not only about scientific facts but also about the right approach to have with our clients. We start chapters with theory and complete them with case studies to develop better our clinical judgment. The teacher shines brightly in this training. Follow the course for 10 weeks on nutrition management of infertility has definitely been one of the most fascinating courses of my career. Thank you Céline, you transformed my interest into a real passion !

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5 star rating

Review as dietitian

Nathalie Quirion

When I saw Celine was offering this course, I was interested in a personal topic (infertility) and also to help other couple in the same situation of us. ...

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When I saw Celine was offering this course, I was interested in a personal topic (infertility) and also to help other couple in the same situation of us. This was my first course on this topic. I really liked it. It was really complete. I feel better equipped and this gave me trust to help others. She also gave us some resources to read and podcast to listen. Before buying, I had doubt about the time (will I have the time to do it and to participate). But finally, it was easy to fit in my agenda. Definitely, I recommend this course to dietitian interested in fertility nutrition. In a personal way, I’m sure this course helps me to get pregnant.

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5 star rating

Great info on the role of nutrition in helping to manage ...

Amanda Strang

This was a great program for any dietitian looking to learn more about the power of nutrition to help manage infertility. It gave good background info on inf...

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This was a great program for any dietitian looking to learn more about the power of nutrition to help manage infertility. It gave good background info on infertility as a whole, common conditions that lead to infertility and how nutrition can help to manage all of this. The chapter on endocrine disrupting chemicals was particularly eye-opening for those who are not familiar with the concept. After completing this course, I feel ready to work with clients to help them navigate their infertility and make nutrition modifications to help them on their journey.

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4 star rating

Nutrition management of infertility

Helen Williams

A great course for anyone thinking of learning more about nutrition and infertility, suitable for complete beginners to those who are currently practicing in...

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A great course for anyone thinking of learning more about nutrition and infertility, suitable for complete beginners to those who are currently practicing in this field. Celine's depth of knowledge shines through, from her explanations of the latest research to her compassion and understanding through the lived patient experience. There is plenty of time within the course, for questions and discussion and the format has been well thought through. Highly recommended!

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  • When does the course start and finish?

    This program will run for 10 weeks. Next cohort start date will be October 16 2023!

  • Will I have an evergreen access to the material?

    You will be able to download the pdf copy of the power point as well as all supporting materials. Since the program will evolve and get updated every year access to the video will be limited to the course duration. Those who need extra days to complete the trainings will have 2 extra weeks to listen to all the video teachings as well as the replays.

  • How many hours should I dedicate of my time per week for this program?

    In general, we would recommend blocking 3 hours of your time per week to successfully complete this program. There won't be any teaching modules during q/a and case study weeks and this will give you extra time to catch up on material

  • Is this a self-paced course?

    The program is designed to offer you theory and practice so you can feel confident seeing fertility clients at the end of it. While you could just listen to the recordings as it is posted each week, we highly recommend that you engage in the Q/A sessions by asking or pre-submitting your questions or comments.

  • If i dont want to pay via credit card can I send an e-transfer?

    Yes you can if you live in Canada! Just send me an email and i will give you the necessary steps

  • Can i pay in installments?

    You can pay in 3 monthly installments; however, the total fee will be slightly higher to cover the transaction fees.

  • Do you provide a refund?

    You can ask for a full refund minus the transaction fees if you cancel up to one week before the start date of the program. After that, no refund will be processed.